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December 21, 2015
Best of Germany and Austria




Day 1 | Welcome to Berlin

Founded in the 13th century Berlin’s eventful history is one of frequent, radical changes with dazzling epochs alternating with darker eras. However the formerly divided city has succeeded in becoming a vibrant metropolis set in the heart of Europe. With more than 170 museums and collections offering everything from the ancient (Egyptian Nefertiti and the Greek Pergamon Altar) to the ultra-modern.


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Berlin Cathedral

Day 2 | Berlin

Berlin is an exciting city of contrasts and contradictions that can be seen in the many historical and modern attractions. The Jewish Museum, opened in 2001, sits on land that was both East and West Berlin before the Berlin Wall fell and covers two millennia of German Jewish history. Monuments of Prussian grandeur stand beside reminders of a divided country alongside stunning new architectural developments


Day 3 | Berlin – Dresden

Pick up your rental car and drive from Berlin to Dresden where we have arranged your overnight stay, This will allow you a glimpse of the varying charms of Saxony’s 1000 years history. Dresden’s historical center is located on the left bank of the river Elbe. The Royal Palace was built in the15th century and having been destroyed by fire in 1701 was rebuilt but again destroyed by the bombings of 1945. It has now been reconstructed as a museum complex. The reconstruction in 2005 of the 18th century Frauenkirche church’s steeple which rises above Dresden’s skyline is an impressive symbol of international reconciliation after World War II.

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Day 4 | Dresden – Modlareuth – Bavaria – Bayreuth –Nuremberg

Leave Dresden and worth a stop is Modlareuth, a small village situated partly in Bavaria and partly in Thuringia. With the northern part in East Germany and the southern part in West Germany in 1966 a wall was erected splitting the village apart (like Berlin). Since 1989 the wall, together with towers, helicopter and vehicles, stand as an open air museum and tells the story about the village and its wall. Continue your drive through Bavaria to Bayreuth with its Baroque Opera House, considered the most beautifully preserved in Europe. Every summer Wagner’s operas are performed during the month-long Richard Wagner Festival. Continue on to Nuremberg where we have arranged your overnight stay. Here you will see the city’s unique mixture of modern with its almost thousand years of historical past. Life here is colorful all year round, with its green meadows on the banks of the River Pegnitz and its park containing one of Europe’s largest and most beautifully landscaped zoos. Worth a visit is the Courtroom where Nuremberg’s famous Wartime Trials took place from 1945-6. Dresden The city offers a large selection of bars, cafes and restaurants serving gourmet food to delicious local food to Turkish fast food. A great treat would be a visit to the opera or ballet at the State Theatre.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 5 | Nuremberg – Rothenburg – Munich

From Nuremberg drive to Rothenburg, Germany’s best preserved walled town. Walk through the city’s two main market streets, crammed with picture-perfect houses, cafes and restaurants. Visit the Medieval Crime Museum to explore the unusual law enforcement techniques used by local rulers in medieval times. Before leaving Rothenberg try some of the city’s authentic food, the schneeballen which is egg dough fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar or covered with chocolate.

Continue on through Bavaria to Munich, where we have arranged your overnight stay. A city of museums, romantic castles and palaces, gardens and parks, the baroque Nymphenburg Palace with Park and Pavilions was the summer residence of Bavarian monarchs and houses several outstanding art collections. Among Munich’s many museums is the Alte Pinakothek – one of the oldest and most important galleries in the world with more than 800 European art masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the Rococo period. Munich has seven Michelin-starred restaurants, and many locally owned restaurants offering regional fare and of course Germany’s famous beer gardens.

Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle Heidelberg

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