Romantic Road Germany Tours

December 9, 2015

Germany's 'Romantic Road' offers the most spectacular views of the Bavarian landscape and its magnificent castles. A trade route in the middle ages, the road winds through picturesque countryside, walled towns, and charming villages. It is home to Gothic cathedrals, baroque German, Renaissance, and Medieval architecture. Fairytale castles and the Alps complete the picture.

Surround yourself with castles and medieval villages as you journey along the Romantic Road from Munich. First stop is Hamburg, one of the oldest, largest, and best preserved castles of Southern Germany and an important military stronghold during the 11th and 12th centuries.

Travel through the Swabian crater landscape to reach quaint little towns such as Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen and Donauworth, with high gabled houses and cobbled streets. Marvel at the beauty of the Spessart Mountains, and delight in arriving in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, "Jewel of the Middle Ages". A well-preserved medieval city above the Tauber River, Rothenburg is located on a plateau at the intersection of the Romantic and Castle Roads. Enjoy an evening tour of Rothenburg with the historical Nightwatchman and explore this picturesque town. Many of the highlights in Rothenburg centere around Marktplatz, including the Town Hall with its History Museum, and St. Jakob's Church, a Gothic building with soaring ceilings. Visit the famous Christmas Shop and return to Munich via the Hallertau, the world's largest hop-growing area.

Take a half-day trip to Heidelberg, the old university town at the banks of Neckar River, including a visit of the inner courtyard of Heidelberg Castle, one of the most impressive historic landmarks of Germany.

Visit Linderhof Castle, a brief shopping stop in Oberammergau before arriving in Hohenschwangau. Venture to a land of fairy tales with your castle visit to Neuschwanstein, breathtakingly majestic and built on the ruins of Vorder und Hinterhohenschwangau.

Rothenburg, Germany --The Romantic Road
Rothenburg, Germany --The Romantic Road...
bike tour - the romantic road - Germany
bike tour - the romantic road - Germany
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Romantic Road Motorhome Tour - Germany - February 2016
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