Autobahn highway speed limit

April 7, 2015
German Autobahn Speed Limit

A worker mounts a 120 km/hour sign on a German highwayOn Wednesday, April 9, Germany’s smallest state put speed limit signs on the last six of its 60 kilometers (37 miles) of highway, limiting car traffic to 120 km per hour (75 miles per hour).

Speeds are often limited on crowded road stretches

“Our goal is to achieve an overall speed limit in Germany, together with other German states, ” said Bremen’s top environment politician, Reinhard Loske. “This is a great day for traffic safety and sends a signal for environmental protection, ” he added.

The Green Party politician also said he would start talks with his counterparts in other states about introducing a national highway speed limit.

Activists cite environment, safety

“The danger of serious accidents involving personal injury is reduced wherever there is a speed limit, ” Loske said.

Speed limits are not only good for the environment - at lower speeds, cars burn less fuel, expelling fewer greenhouse gas emissions - but they protect people, statistics show.

Speeding can lead to bad accidents

This smashed car was forced off the road by a speeder who overtook the driver, frightening her off the road in 2003German highways often have speed limits for noise reduction, where traffic is heavy, or at junctions. Currently, a little over half of German highways have no speed limits around Germany.

But the debate over a general speed limit on the German Autobahn (the word simply means “highway” in German) is an ongoing one.

Proponents demand an overall limit of 120 or 130 kilometers per hour, citing environmental and safety reasons. This past autumn, German environmental organizations and an alliance of police experts called “Pro-Tempolimit” got together to demand a speed limit.

Public opinion is divided

But German automobile clubs as well as the German automobile industry - known for its heavy, fast and well-engineered vehicles, and the motor of a chunky segment of the German economy - oppose speed limits. Chancellor Angela Merkel also came out on the side of the auto industry, in opposition to speed limits.

Porsche Cayman S on the highway without speed limit.
Porsche Cayman S on the highway without speed limit.
아우토반? 속도 제한? // Autobahn? Speed Limit?
아우토반? 속도 제한? // Autobahn? Speed Limit?
Yamaha FZ1-N on German Autobahn - no speed limit
Yamaha FZ1-N on German Autobahn - no speed limit
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