Romantic Road Munich

April 24, 2016
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In addition to our overnight-packages along the Romantic Road we offer several one-day excursions to selected destinations departing from Frankfurt and Munich.

Besides the coach-fare, these tours include a variety of services or entrance fees. The return schedule on the same day leaves you some time for own activities in these cities.

Explore the Highlights of Romantic Road, Germany

Plan a trip to Germany with your friends and family to explore mesmerizing beauty and amazing historical side of the place. The most popular place of southern Germany is the Romantic Road which is flocked by numerous travellers who avail the Romantic Road coach service to experience the true beauty of the place in its originality and authenticity. Not only can you avail the Romantic Road coach service from us, there are many more transport options for you to select from, such as bus, cars etc. This place of southern Germany is no doubt a great tourist spot that is well connected to other parts of the nation.

Know About Romantic Road of Germany

Before you book yourself a day’s trip in our Romantic Road coach service, know about the place better so that you get to explore it at its best.Even if you are a single traveller, our transport solutions are designed to suit your requirement perfectly.

The name ‘Romantic Road’ was coined by travellers for the Southern Germany highway that stretches to around 460 kilometers. Though previously it used to be a prominent trade zone, this road also exhibits the culture and heritage of the nation in its true form. The castles and towns alongside the Romantic Road makes it a must visit for every traveller choosing the Romantic Road coach service. It’s more of a modern marketing idea that highlights the location in a perfect blend of tradition and history. Get to explore the views and outdoor activities with our amazing Romantic Road coach service that will certainly make your trip a fairytale one.

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