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February 19, 2016
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Well i spent over a week deliberating this one, in light of the mixed reviews. I ended up watching video reviews online to help me make up my mind.

I'm glad I bought this game. I prefer sims over any other genre, and I always thought a highway police sim would be cool.

Personally, I really can't understand why there's so many negative reviews. I guess a lot of them were written prior to the updates/patches, which appear to have corrected most of the bugs and glitches. It's really not a bad game at all if you're into simulators. And i think this is where most people make the mistake of reviewing it like a regular game instead of a sim.

It can become very tedious and involved, and you can easily lose track of time and your surroundings while playing it. But for me, that is essentially what simulators are all about. They do, after all, have to replicate their real life counterparts. So be prepared to spend looooong periods of time driving, inspecting vehicles and talking to drivers.

That's not ALL there is to do in this game though. You can stop ANY vehicle whenever and wherever you want on the autobahn. You can issue speeding tickets, warnings, fines for offences and defects, and of course arrest the serious law breakers for being under the influence of drink or drugs, or for trying to evade you when you go to pull them over. There's a variety of offences to be found, such as erratic driving, using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt, and driving an overladen vehicle.

You can choose from either a marked or unmarked patrol car each time you leave the police station, and attend accidents, investigate reports of suspicious vehicles, and even pursue and recover stolen vehicles. In the boot/trunk of the car you'll find traffic cones, axle scales, and road warning lamps for securing accident scenes. You'll even be working a mix of day and night shifts.

Sooo, let's wrap this up.

- Half decent graphics
- Variety of events and incidents to keep you entertained
- Extensive procedures for each task
- Ability to decide what action to take when dealing with drivers
- 40km of Autobahn to patrol
- Promotions awarded as XP increases

- Blue light is distracting during in-car view
- Documentation in the game is displayed in German (licenses, waybills etc)
- Vehicle controls aren't great when using keyboard, so a wheel is recommended
- An understanding of German traffic law is almost essential with a few of the tasks, as the manual does not explain it

These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head following a few hours of gameplay.

In summary, I love this game. It does what any decent simulator SHOULD do. It puts you in someone else's shoes and gives you an insight into a different world. I can see myself playing this for a long time to come, and I personally believe the replay value will be quite high.

Lets Game Robots(german)#17:Gefahren auf der Autobahn
Lets Game Robots(german)#17:Gefahren auf der Autobahn
German Autobahn
German Autobahn
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