Weather for Vilseck Germany

January 2, 2016
Vilseck, Germany

Winter in Germany - Photo Credit: USAG BavariaGRAFENWOEHR, Germany — You wake up at the crack of dawn and Mother Nature has left a gift at your front door: a foot of snow and bone-chilling temperatures. Now what?

Whether you’re a Soldier, parent, student or civilian, there are some valuable sources to aid you in your next decision.

Inclement weather brought on by the autumn and winter months can deliver a blow to Bavaria and the surrounding area, affecting your decision to travel.

Garrison officials and street cleaning crews will do everything they can to keep services running. Snow and ice, however, may result in changes in road conditions, school closures, work delays or a temporary shutdown in some garrison services.

What to do
Be in the know. Here’s how:

  • Stay connected to In the right hand column there is a “Road Conditions” button. Click it to find out about school closures, road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Log onto USAG Bavaria Facebook at for information pertaining to weather updates, delays, closures and driving conditions.
  • If you are without Internet access, call the “Weather & Roads” hotline, at any time of the day. For current driving conditions in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck, call DSN 475-ROAD (7623), CIV 096. In Hohenfels, call DSN 466-4001, CIV 097. And in Garmisch, dial DSN 440-3300, CIV 08821-750-3300.
  • Tune into AFN Bavaria radio at 98.5 FM in Grafenwoehr, 107.6 FM in Vilseck, 89.4 FM in Ansbach or 90.3 FM in Garmisch. Or, listen online at AFN 360. Radio DJs provide updates on conditions in Bavaria.
  • If you are a Soldier and are still unsure, call your staff duty officer for further guidance.
  • To locate a traffic jam — known as a “stau” in German — go to Click on English (top right), “Traffic Condition, ” and look for the stau signs along your route.

Driving and Road Conditions
When you get updates from garrison Facebook, AFN radio or the Weather & Roads hotline, you will encounter two terms: driving conditions and road conditions.

The driving condition is an advisory to drivers of privately owned vehicles—in other words, an advisory to you as a Soldier, civilian or parent who is deciding about driving to work or school. Driving conditions levels are set as follows:

  • Non-hazardous: Conditions allow for normal vehicle operation
  • Hazardous: Drivers are likely to encounter snow, slush and patches of black ice. Caution is advised during vehicle operation.
  • Dangerous: Drivers are likely to encounter snow, drifting snow, black ice and limited visibility. Extreme caution is advised during vehicle operation.
  • Extremely dangerous: Drivers are likely to encounter snow, heavy drifting snow, extreme sheet ice, limited visibility and potential “white out” conditions. Only emergency travel should be conducted.
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