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December 29, 2014
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Introduction to HPSS presentation

HPSS with GPFS presentation

HPSS road map through versions 7.3 and 8 presentation

HPSS VFS Interface

Introductory Presentation for the HPSS Administrators Course

HPSS Basics

HPSS Changes for Release 7.3

HPSS Planning

HPSS Redundant Array of Independent Tapes (RAIT) Architecture version 1

The above RAIT document identifies HPSS RAIT architecture concepts that may or may not be implemented. There is no commitment to implement or deliver the capability as part of any HPSS release. HPSS Terminology is defined in the "HPSS Basics" document provided on this web page.

HPSS Redundant Array of Independent Tapes (RAIT) Network Analysis

Storage Networking in European Grid Projects
Ex@Grid is a proposal for a high-performance computation and storage grid of the German Gauss Alliance, serving industry and research institutions especially in Germany's high-technology region surrounding the federal Center for High Performance Computing (HLRS) and the University of Stuttgart. The projected mass storage system at HLRS is baselined to use GPFS and HPSS, including the new GPFS-HPSS Interface.

MDSS: Massive Data Storage Service at Indiana University
IU upgrades their HPSS installation and makes expanded storage services available to TeraGrid. Spanning two campuses, IU is positioned with 1.8 petabytes of disk and tape capacity and 2GB/sec network data rate. New function includes a drag-and-drop front end for campus use that makes the HPSS directory visible on the desktop. This is supported by Samba, Secure FTP, Globus GridFTP Apache and Gleicher Enterprises' HSI services that directly interface with HPSS.

Yes, Virginia, There is an HPSS in Your Future
This paper discusses why HSM/archives are economically required in HPC environments, review the HPSS architecture, capabilities and scalability experience, and outline the HPSS roadmap to meet Petascale environment requirements. The paper was presented by Dr. Richard W. Watson of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, co-chair of the Executive Committee of the HPSS Collaboration, at the U.S. Department of Energy Salishan Conference on High Speed Computing in Salishan, Oregon, April 24-27, 2006.

Relational Database Active Tablespace Archives Using HSM Technology

HPSS Interfaces and Capabilities

High Availability
Provides hardware redundancy for HPSS core servers.

HPSS Interfaces Presentation

GANESHA, a multi-usage with large cache NFSv4 server
GANESHA is a user-space NFSv2, NFSv3, and NFSv4 server. It runs on Linux, BSD variants, and POSIX compliant UNIXes. It is available under the CeCILL license, which is a French transposition of the GPL and is fully GPL-compatible. The protocol implementation is fairly complete, including GSSAPI security hooks. GANESHA is currently in production at our site, where, thanks to a large cache and a lot of threads, it delivers up to a hundred thousand NFS operations per minute. This paper describes the current implementation as well as future developments. This includes GANESHA as a NFS Proxy server and NFSv4.1 enhancements, but also the access to LDAP and SNMP information using the file system paradigm.

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