Driving through Germany

December 15, 2015
Driving through germany

Tuscany, ItalyTalk about a car holiday these days and everyone assumes you want to re-live college days where you could pack into a cheap car with some friends and go off on an adventure somewhere which usually involved a dire shortage of finance, lashings of alcohol, and uncomfortable accommodation. That is, if you’re American. But to Europeans, the concept is rather hazy.

But if you can’t beat them, you join them, right? The whole concept of a driving holiday seems so alien nowadays, despite cars having rapid technological improvements making them much more comfortable and enjoyable for long distance driving, it seems that fewer people all the time even consider driving while on holiday – you could probably blame this trend on low-cost airlines and better infrastructure such as the Euro-star and Coaches which can now go across EU borders unrestricted. But that also means Europe’s easier than ever to drive around in on holiday, what with satellite navigation and the like of which only James Bond had in our parent’s generation, not to mention that unique example of quintessentially Germanic hyper-efficiency, the Autobahn.

Here are pretty compelling reasons why you should go on a driving holiday:

You could rent a convertible

Sounds corny, but what could be better than leisurely cruising through a narrow road on a Bavarian pasture with the wind in your hair while at the throes of a BMW cabriolet? As they say, simple things please simple minds. And what’s wrong with that?

It can be romantic for couples

If you feel your relationship has reached the twilight of your youthful passions, what can be better than some forced alone-time with your spouse? You’re sure to enjoy, or at least endure, the intimacy of being inches away from her side. Good luck.

You get the mobility you otherwise wouldn’t have

Ever used to feel that the idyllic tourist town the tour company dumped you in for accommodation lacked a) entertainment or b) competitive pricing? Now you can just hop in your rental and won’t have to face the bother of being picked up by a strange, sweaty (albeit friendly) bald man if you need to get somewhere pronto.

You can travel much further and do more in a shorter amount of time.

Everything’s at your reach! You don’t have to sit languishing at the train station on a bench with a dismal bottle of imitation Cola wondering if trains actually run on time where you are. Just remember to buy a decent road map or a Satellite Navigation system if it isn’t built in.

Source: www.venere.com
Driving through rural Germany
Driving through rural Germany
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Driving through Hof, Germany - GoPro
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