What is an Autobahn?

January 26, 2016
2015 VW GTI Autobahn

The Business Unit inside of NETSCOUT that many of you know as Fluke networks has shown at the NFD11 their new TruView product. It is a monitoring and network measurement as a service offering. The components of TruView are measurement … Continue reading →

It is really hard to get informations about the proprietary OS that runs on many switches. The vendors don´t give away many informations how it actually works under the hood. The old model of security by obscurity is still applied … Continue reading →

I have recently attended to the packet pushers podcast show 250 – How To Document A Network with the packet pushers hosts Ethan @ecbanks and Greg @etherealmind. It was the 3rd time that I have attended to the packet pushers podcast. … Continue reading →

At the moment there are a lot of discussions about Whitebox switches and how it changes the networking industry. Essentially the idea is that you buy your switch hardware and software separately. At the moment most of the network vendors … Continue reading →

On the Avaya ATF in Vienna I had the chance to make an interview with Paul Unbehagen, Roger Lapuh and Randy Cross. This trio has been deply involved in the development process of SPB inside Avaya and the IEEE. Network Autobahn:What … Continue reading →

I was attending recently to a conference with all the main vendors from the passive fibre optic industry. I normally deal with routers and switches and haven´t looked for a long time what is going on at the passive infrastructure … Continue reading →

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Howard Jones - What is Love - AUTOBAHN - DE VOLTA AOS ANOS
Howard Jones - What is Love - AUTOBAHN - DE VOLTA AOS ANOS ...
Der Autobahn-Angler
Der Autobahn-Angler
German Autobahn
German Autobahn
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