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November 21, 2015
On the Autobahn - Pictures
New Photos (from the Book "Highway Deutschland", published here with author's permission)
Germany's highest Autobahn bridge, Kocher valley bridge Geislingen. Height: 185m, Length: 1128m
A93 near Oberaudorf/Alps
Autobahn junction Kirchheim (A4/A7) and highspeed rail line
Morning dawn near Munich, at Junction Neufahrn (A9/A92)
On the A95 near Murnau
Historic Photos Source:
AVUS Entrance in Berlin, around 1925. The AVUS (opened it 1921) was the first "Car-Only"-Road. However, it was merely a racing and test track, and not for general traffic. Today, the AVUS is part of the A100. State Archive Berlin
The "Auto road" between Cologne and Bonn was built between 1929 und 1932. This "car-only"-road was the first with an actual traffic value. It's the A555 today. (Photo taken around 1932) City Archive Bonn
The "first" European Autobahn exit on the Cologne-Bonn road near Wesseling (picture taken in 1932) Book "Abenteuer Autobahn" In 1973, the autobahn between Cologne and Bonn (A555) was widened to 3 lanes in each direction and became the first 6-lane-autobahn in Germany. This photo was taken during the roadworks in 1973.
The first gas station on the "Reichsautobahn" near Darmstadt opened on May 1st 1936 Magazine "Die Straße", 1936
Pictures from german autobahn
Pictures from german autobahn
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